About Us

Ever since sailors started travelling the seas, they needed goods and equipment for  vessel and crew.
Therefore, ship chandlers exist as long as maritime history itself.




The vessels’ demands and needs have changed in time. Traditional
sailing ships would have bought tar, linseed oil, lard, tools like
hammers and boat hooks, brooms, leather goods and paper at
the chandler’s.



As port dues are extremely expensive nowadays, commercial ships
have to unload and put to sea again very quickly.
Consequently, they don’t have the time to do their own shopping and  
depend on the high standard services of a reliable ship chandler who
can supply the goods and equipment on board in a minimum of time
and at very competitive prices.

ggg SEAL COMPANY is a technical ship supplying company with extensive maritime experience.
aa aWe understand your urgent needs and do our job with energy and dedication.
aa aOur device is to provide our customers with a wide range of quality goods and services in the shortest time possible.

aa aWe mainly focus on

  • Cabin stores
  • Deck stores
  • Electrical equipment
  • Engine stores
  • Nautical charts and publications
  • Maritime paints and chemicals
  • Ropes and wires
  • Safety equipment

Our offices are located in Waasmunster, only 20 minutes away from Antwerp, one of the biggest ports in the world. This allows us to keep a strict watch on the trade and transactions.
We also supply vessels in Zeebrugge.

Working closely together with our colleagues in  the Netherlands and in France, we can guarantee correct and punctual delivery of our goods in other important ports
like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vlissingen, Dunkerque, Calais, Rouen, Dieppe
and Le Havre.




aa aAlll our products are purchased at the manufacturer’s or the subcontractor’s directly.        
        We have no overhead. We contracted a reliable warehouse company to collect the goods and forward them to you
aa aquickly and efficiently. This allows us to hold the costs down and work at very sharp prices.

This is exactly where SEAL COMPANY fits in.